The first quarter of 2017 has come and gone and here we are on the doorsteps of April.It seems like yesterday that we were just welcoming the new year of 2017 in.

April represents so many things. Of course it can represent April Fools day where you can’t believe anything or at least some practical jokes. I am planning to have such a month where it is so good that you just can’t believe it! Thats right, I am planning for the best April I have ever had and the best quarter too. Planning your theme for the month is a great idea and all that it takes to have an awesome April is to have an awesome day each and every day. This does not just happen by itself.You have to pre plan it and decide that this is going to be an Awesome April.

April is when Easter is and it represents new life and one of the greatest miracles of mankind, a resurrection. So, why not decide to make April your month to resurrect those dreams about your life and your future? We have all had disappointments and the death of our hopes and dreams crushed in life but you don’t have to stay in that season of your life. Spring is here and it’s a new season .Why not let the spring represent a new season in your life and a resurrection of those dreams? All things are possible.

April reminds us that new life is possible.The buds on the trees and flowers are starting to bloom, even the birds are singing more. All around us spring is shouting at us to come out of one season into another.

Choose to have an awesome April. Make plans to make April YOUR best month ever and then do something about it. Its a new season, a new quarter , a new month and a new day. Make April an unbelievable month , make it an awesome April.

Be prepared for a few jokes on April 1 but plan for a month that is incredible and unbelievably Awesome.