Have you ever taken a foreign language? It is a really humbling experience and takes you back to adolescent stages of life.

As a kid it was mandatory that I go to Hebrew school and learn Hebrew. Not only did I dislike it but would do anything to not go to classes! As an adult in University I even attempted it again and found it just wasn’t my gift.

Many years ago my wife and I took a French course and I did okay but she accelerated in it and now reads, speaks and writes in French.

This article is really about the language of the poor and the rich . Which one do you speak? Until I was 24 years old I spoke the language of the poor. I would say things like, ‘I could never be that good’ or ‘I could never afford to live in a house like that.’

I was introduced to the world of ‘possibility thinking’ and the language of the rich and it changed my life forever. I began to read books like The wisdom of Andrew Carnegie, The power of positive thinking, The magic of thinking Big and loads of other self help books. At first it was like reading Hebrew or French. The language seemed so foreign and I had to slowly digest the contents and often times read a chapter 2 or 3 times before it really sunk in. Then I had to apply the principles and that is when I met A.L.Williams in 1981 (now Primerica) and it changed my whole life!

I began to get around other people who either never spoke the ‘language of the poor’ or who knew it once but had been on their own personal journey of learning this new ‘language of success’.

I began to realise things like , ‘If you think trying is risky wait until you see the cost of not trying!’ or ‘In life don’t ask for safety, ask for adventure’. I remember one mentor telling me ‘Don’t try to become a Millionaire for what you can get but rather for what you can become.’

As I began to hang around these success minded people my language, thinking and habits began to change. Guess what? My life and results changed too!

So, what language are you speaking these days ? Success or the language of the poor? What is so great about the language of success is anyone can learn it if you just have the desire to do something different with your life.