I am old enough to remember when most people did not use credit cards but used cash or cheques to pay for everything.

The introduction of plastic in the late 1970’s and 80’s deadened our senses to the spending of our money. Plastic money or credit cards makes the spending seem surreal and studies have shown people spend more freely without cash !
Charging an item seems less ‘real’ when it’s not actual cash .
Go ask your parents or grandparents about how they saved up for things . It used to be the way to buy things is to only buy what you could afford! Wow! That is revolutionary.

Credit cards are not evil but you have to be educated about the ‘temptation’ to CHARGE and use tomorrow’s money to pay today’s bills. Realise that when you charge it and finance it you are in essence mortgaging your future income.

Like most things in life it requires self discipline and a plan to not overspend but live within a budget. Being smart with your money does not come natural to most people. Smart money management is a learned trait and an opportunity to skill yourself on how money really works.

Credit cards have gotten a lot of people in trouble if they don’t know how to handle them. Did you know that a £3,000 balance on a credit card at 19.8% if you make the monthly payment of only £5 or 2% of the balance ( whichever is greater) that it could take over 30 years to pay this off and you would pay over £10,000 in interest !
Nobody in their right mind would do this on purpose!

For further information watch the secret history of the credit card at
It will blow your mind how people allow themselves to be put into bondage by something the size of a business card.

Break free today from debt and determine in your heart to become debt free and financially free.

You will never regret getting the knowledge and taking control of your financial destiny. I am rooting for you ! If you need some guidance e mail me at Jeff.Lestz@Genistar.net